Is Wealth Advisory Solutions an RIA?

Yes, Wealth Advisory Solutions is an SEC Registered Investment Advisor (RIA).

Is Wealth Advisory Solutions a Broker Dealer?

No, Wealth Advisory Solutions is not a Broker Dealer nor do we have an affiliation with an independent Broker Dealer.

If I choose to affiliate with WAS would I be an employee of the firm?

No, all advisors that affiliate with WAS are independent contractors.

Would I operate under the WAS brand?

No, WAS will help you set up your own business and you will operate under your own company name as a DBA (doing business as) of Wealth Advisory Solutions

Do I have the ability to work with multiple custodians?

Yes, WAS has relationships with multiple custodians and we work with you to select the best custodian for your business and clients.

Is WAS part of broker protocol?

Yes, WAS has been a part of broker protocol since July of 2017.

Am I able to offer insurance as an IAR (Investment Advisor Representative) of WAS?

Yes, we have multiple relationships with insurance platforms to offer both traditional insurance products and commission free insurance products. As an IAR of WAS, you will not be able to offer commissioned based variable insurance products since WAS does not have a broker dealer relationship.

If I transition to an RIA, what do I do about my legacy commission business?

It is very common for us to work with an advisor that has legacy commission business whether that be variable annuities or mutual funds. We work with our advisors during the transition process to identify those accounts and typically present options to convert accounts to a fee based solution.