Strategic Independence

Wealth Advisory Solutions is an independently owned Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) that was built specifically for advisors wanting a partner to support the transition of their practice to the RIA model and beyond.

We believe the RIA structure provides the autonomy and flexibility to best serve clients’ unique goals and complex needs. Our firm brings the expertise, tools and experience to your team that provide you the ability to do what is best for your clients. We are your advocate.

Advisor Solutions

Whether you are a captive employee at a wirehouse, affiliated with an independent broker dealer or already working with an RIA firm, we have the tools and resources to make this move your last. Every advisor we work with has the common thread of wanting more for their clients and always doing what is in their very best interest.


Wirehouse Advisor

Looking to break away from an employee to a business owner? Let's partner to create a custom experience for your clients.

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Independent Advisor

You are already an independent business owner. Let's take that a step further with best in class tools and resources.

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Legacy Advisor

You have spent decades building a successful business. Let's continue that work together with your clients for decades to come.

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Customized Managed Services

Doing what is best for your clients is critical. That is your job. What is equally as critical is having the right foundation to operate an efficient and effective independent practice. That is our job. Our team is now a part of your team to manage the complexities behind the scenes giving you more freedom to serve your clients. 




Advisor Transition


Practice Management

Multi Custodian

Model Portfolios

Collaborative Alliances

As our name states, our job is to bring valuable solutions to our advisors. Those solutions start at the firm level with a shared focus of providing exceptional service and a quality product. Our strategic partners are an extension of our team and we are proud of the solutions they provide.

A key benefit of being an independent firm is our ability to partner with firms that align with our culture and values. The power of choice allows us to help our advisors deliver a unique and personalized experience to their clients.

*This is not a comprehensive list of all custodians and technology that is available to our advisors. For a full list of firms we work with, please email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

The Advisor Experience

Strategic Independence with Wealth Advisory Solutions provides you the ability to create your own experience for your practice and leverage our skilled team to manage the complexities of operating as an RIA all while doing business under your own brand. This gives you the freedom to focus on the areas of the business that bring value to your clients.

We have identified more than 40 categories and subcategories that every individual RIA firm must manage. For example, your compliance program, transitioning your practice, technology integration, client billing, portfolio management, et cetera while also trying to stay ahead of the curve with new technologies and changing regulations.   

Creating your own experience means more to us than simply implementing solutions.  It includes the management of those solutions that are constantly in motion. Affiliating with WAS means you don’t have to identify, hire or manage a professional staff to run your practice. We do this for you. All in an effort to help grow your business, improve your client experience and increase your enterprise value. 

Are You Ready to Make the Move?

There are ten critical questions every advisor must ask themselves before making the move to the RIA model. Download our free guide below.